Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vajosuo beer ski tour

This does strictly speaking not belong here, but since the participants were the usual suspects from MTB-Turku and since the snow does not currently allow riding a bike on the Kuhankuono trails, it will have to do.

At 15:15 we left Rantapiha on skis. There were seven of us. We crossed Savoj√§rvi, skied via the Kuhankuono border stone over the bogs to the Vajosuo lean-to. This took about three hours of fairly efficient skiing for 15 km, mostly making fresh trail. The sunset was quite beatiful and the bog was an extraordinary experience in the light from the half moon. At the lean-to we ate, drank beer and anti-freezing agent and made glorious plans for future excursions. We went to sleep maybe, around 01:00, some in the lean-to and others just on the snow. I slept on the snow and was warm and cozy, despite a temperature of about -19°C.


Matti H
has equipment problems


The Vajosuo lean-to

Me. That down jacket is so warm and cozy. Picture taken by Juha Jokila

A good place to sleep?

I woke at some time after 06:00 and got up half an hour later. The fire was already burning. The morning rituals took their time and we left for the return trip at 08:30. The return trip was shorter, about 10 km, and took only a little under 2 hours.

The next morning

In that direction

The full picture set is here.


  1. Beautiful. We need to go on the ice next!

  2. Yes, definitely. The weather forecast is currently quite promising.

  3. Bonita excursion,fotogrfias estupendas.Viva la bicicleta y el poder ser libre con ella.Saludos.