Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow and gear

Currently there is too much fresh snow to ride in the forest, but in a few days the trails should be hardened enough to give it a try. The XC skiing is currently great, though.

The parts for the Fargo (which has not yet arrived) are now mostly ordered. Below is the plan as well as some random thoughts.
  • Mavic A719/XT 36-spoke XT wheels, which should be bombproof. I do have three other 29er wheel sets as well. During the winter a Mavic A119 dynamo disc hub front wheel.
  • Avid BB5 road disc brakes with 185/160 mm rotors. New.
  • Tiagra 3x9 STI brake levers/shifters. New.
  • Deore front derailleur (needs to be slightly modified to work with the STI shifters).
  • Deore rear derailleur.
  • Thudbuster LT seat post (from the Inbred, which gets an ordinary seat post).
  • On-One Midge drop bar. New.
  • On-One 100 mm stem. New.
  • Probably a Cane Creek S3 headset or something else from Foxcomp.
  • Shimano M540 crank set with 22/32/44 chain rings.
  • An ordinary 11-32 cassette.
  • I also have a Fizik Rondine saddle, which should be quite comfortable.
  • Planet Bike Cascadia 29 fenders at some point.
  • Shimano M540 SPD pedals.
  • A rear rack is also needed at some point.
  • The Epic Designs frame bags are really cool, but probably overkill for me. Ordinary panniers, which I already have, should do.
Most of the parts I already have, but some must be bought.


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  2. Looking good!

    36 spokes is definitely the way to go: I just noticed two days ago that I had broken a spoke on my SIR9. The funny thing is, I'd done at least one ride without noticing it: when leaving for my Boxing Day ride, I saw that the rear wheel was a bit off, but thought it just needed truing. I didn't notice the broken spoke until after the ride. I can't imagine that happening with 32 (let alone 28) spokes.

  3. Yes, I see no reason to build with anything else than 36 spokes for 29ers. The increase in strength far outweighs the slight increasr in weight. Though to be fair, the Bontrager Rhythm Comp 29 wheelset with only 28 spokes has held up well on the 29er FS bike. A broken spoke would probable render the wheel unusable, however.