Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Go far pt. 1

A Salsa Fargo frame is on its way from the US. I ordered it through Foxcomp Turku and it should be here in sometimes in the beginning of January. My Nishiki Bigfoot will be retired, at least temporarily, and donate the wheels and drive train to the Fargo. An On-One Midge offroad drop bar is already ordered, but I still don't know which shifters to get. The most likely alternative is the Tiagra 9-speed STI shifters, since I'm not convinced that barend shifters would be good enough. The Fargo should serve me well as a general purpose bike for commuting, cyclocross rides as well as some forest road and terrain touring.

For more info about what the Salsa Fargo is used for, see this video and the Go Fargo and Gnat likes blogs. My ambition level is somewhat lower, though.


  1. I bet that it is going to be a marvelous choice for any of your longer journeys. Nice.

  2. That Gofargo bike is just that Singletrack magazine's long term tester that I mentioned.

    Can you resist buying those frame bags also...?

  3. I already have too many touring plans for next summer. Hopefully I will have time to do at least a few of them.

    The frame bags look cool, and I might possibly be interested in them at some point.

  4. I saw a Fargo in Turku last summer, and it looked great. That one was probably a medium - an XL will probably look even better.

    Any thoughts on tyres? One set for all purposes, or lots of swapping for different kinds of rides?

  5. I can't see myself changing tires based on my mood or the phases of the moon, so I will go for a general purpose tire. Maybe some big semislicks or possibly the Racing Ralph 2.25. It would be a nice change to actually get the RR thread pattern to get worn out instead of the sidewall.