Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Quattro Stagioni 2023: Summer

 After the Suomujoki packrafting trip I the summer began.

The month before the summer vacation is always very busy at work, and this year I worked very close to the burnout limit, something that unfortunately was a recurring theme during 2023. I managed to get out and work from my boat a little in June, though, which meant that the best time of the year wasn't totally wasted on work.

I also held a weekend beginners course in sea kayaking in June and soon it was Midsummer, which was spent on an island in Kvarken, as generally is the case.

The work stress still continued for two weeks after Midsummer, after which I started a three week vacation. The first weekend was spent teaching a sea kayaking course, during which I injured my right shoulder in a way that would keep sea kayaking at a minimun for the next six months. The injury is old and a result on a nasty fall on ice twisting the rotator cuff somehow, some four years ago. The injury has never healed fully and from time to time resurfaces. This was the worst one ever, though, and after two months I had to go and get some stronger painkillers to be able to sleep. In the beginning of December I at least again was able to sleep on my right side, so some progress has been made.

July saw a few more sailing trips, as well as another trip to the Kvarken outer archipelago and generally was very nice.

The weather changed clearly when I started to work, becoming rainy and very unstable, resulting in an unusally cold and rainy August. I did a three day really nice sea kayaking trip with a collegue from Germany, even though my shoulder didn't like it at all.

I had very little sailing in August, but was still out a couple of nights.

It almost felt like the fall started in August, but to some extent it got warmer in September. At least the weather was better, but that is something for the next blog entry.

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