Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Ammarnäs to the South Pt 2


Continued from here.

It again rained during the night, but mostly stopped by the time we got up a little over six in the morning. The breakfast was bacon and an omelette, as well as coffee.

We again got going around eight o'clock. There was a slight drizzle, so we rode in full raingear, since we also expected some wind after the sheltered little valley where we camped.

At this altitude there were no real fall colors left, everything looked like November at home.

I felt quite strong and rode the entire uphill I wasn't able to ride the previous time we were here.

Soon there started to be some hints of the sun.

And voilà!

A little break just before we arrived at Kungsleden.

About 250 m of altitude to gain now, in a fairly short section.

The trail being Kungsleden was now a lot wider.

Jarkko seemed quite happy to arrive at the pause shelter for lunch. It wasn't particularly warm in the wind at this point.

Having done this section on bike once before, I knew there was some bike pushing ahead, but the landscape was great.

Picture by Jarkko Holopainen.

Actually seeing the landscape would have been nice, though.

And then a long downhill section started. Hours of climbing to be wasted quickly.

We took some breaks, though, so that it wouldn't be over too quickly.

The Aigert mountain hut.

The intention was to continue a bit past the Aigert mountain hut to a ridge giving nice views to the north.

We arrived maybe sometime around three in the afternoon and erected the tent. We were now in no hurry, having at most a two hour ride to the car and an extra day to use.

Around the tent site.

We planned to take another route than the main route down. It looked good on the map, but in reality the trail was a bit difficult to discern.

The tent site was quite nice.

Spaghetti Carbonara for dinner, made with spaghetti, bacon, two (dried) eggs and parmesan cheese. Quite acceptable.

Good night.

Almost no rain during the night, but the morning was quite misty.

Gorilla in the mist.

Since we were in no hurry, we waited for a while for the mist to lift, but eventually had to leave.

Going further down.

At around eleven we passed the car. We planned to use the spare day by going up the fell north of Ammarnäs to check it out. We did of course have food for the last evening as well, but since there was a food store in Ammarnäs we picked up some better food before continuing on a short road section before the next trail.

Going up again.

The main goal for the day was to find a nice spot for the tent, preferably around the tree line and not too far away from the car. I think we managed this quite well.

A little stroll to look at the views.

Beef, tortellini and vegetables for dinner. Quite nice.

We went to sleep a little earlier and got up a bit before six in the morning. Again omelette and bacon for breakfast.

The sunrise was at seven, and after a little bike maintenance we were ready for the final descent.

Picture by Jarkko Holopainen.

That's it. We were back at the cars before nine and took a quick bath in a refreshingly cold stream close to the car and started to drive to Umeå and the ferry to Vasa/Vaasa, where we arrive at nine in the evening and immediately started the four hour drive home to Turku.

The coarse route is shown here (taken from the safety transmitter).

All in all an excellent trip. The extra day we had meant that we didn't have to push ourselves and we could relax quite a bit. The area is nice and the trails are completely empty at the end of September.

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