Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Winter 2020-2021 Epilogue

While it looked like the winter was ending in February, that conclusion turned out to be premature.

Before the end of February I wrote a memory of the winter, but as it turned out the winter did continue, just without the excellent skiing conditions we had earlier. Instead we had excellent fatbiking weather for another month, both on frozen and snowy trails and on crust. I did several fatbike trips on frozen mire, in the spirit on this year's Tour de Kurjenrahka, with Toni. We really had quite excellent conditions with night temperatures of -10 to -15°C, which still feels like winter.

By the last weekend of March, though, it was finally time to give up the winter. I guess almost three months of winter in SouthWest Finland is something to be satisfied with nowadays. With spending too much time at home (I'm working from home due to the corona situation) I still wanted to get out during the weekend and I turned my attention to sea kayking. Most of my usual kayaking waters are still inaccessible due to ice, but next to Turku is the Airisto Bay, which mostly was open. I even found a place to launch without too much ice. The incoming fog was not planned neither forecasted, though.

The fog unfortunately shortened my trip, but I did get a night and morning by the sea.

And thus I can conclude that the winter is over and can welcome the spring. I'm looking forward to more sea kayaking and bike trips now.

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