Sunday, November 22, 2020

Almost winter


We managed to use a nice wintry weather window in the middle of the grey and rainy November misery for a little kayaking overnighter.

We actually decided on the date a month earlier, looking for room in everyone's calendar. A third participant hurt his back just before the trip, so I went with only Jarkko. Not much to say about the evening, we paddled a short stretch in the darkness to an island with a laavu shelter in a lake and started to make dinner. Increadibly enough, there was another couple with a rowing boat on the island, though they had made camp a bit up in the forest.

A little over a month with no overnighters has made me lose my routine, and the lid of the coffee pan had to serve as a plate.

We went to sleep about 11:30. The temperature was a few degrees below freezing, but with the winter sleeping bags it was warm and comfy.

We got up a little before seven.

It definitely was worth it getting up in time, two hours before sunrise, since the colors of the morning were quite fantastic and changed all the time.

The temperature was still a few degrees below freezing.

We got going around sunrise at nine o'clock.

Now the clouds started to come in and the greyness returned. The small snow covering cheered everything up, though.

To our surprise there was a little ice at some places. Surprising, since the fall has been unusually warm here in Southern Finland.

We had planned to explore the south east part of the lake, since that part you want to avoid during the summer due to its importance for the birds. We couldn't get there, though, since the ice was too thick and just turned back and paddle what we could.

A short bit left to the starting place.

A very nice outing and especially welcome in the otherwise very grey November. We had pondered upon whether we should go or not, when one of us hurt his back, but it definitely was worth it. Immediately after the trip, though, November striked back with 16 hours of heavy rain and wind, which in combination with the short days and darkness is quite depressing.

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