Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A short overnigher to the Lyökki daymark

A quick blog entry to break the radio silence in the blog.

I've not posted anything here since May, though not due to a lack of things to post, but rather a lack of time. The summer is always quite busy, and I've done courses and other guiding stuff, as well as some personal trips. A video from  a three day bikerafting trip is under construction, but for now a quick glimpse into yesterday's kayaking overnighter will have to do.

I got Tor, 15 years, to accompany me for a quick trip to the islands around the Lyökki daymark, which I visited a few years ago for the first time. The weather was quite warm, and the drysuits felt unnecessary.

Coming a bit out in the open, the drysuits again was the correct choice. It was windy enough, that anything else would either be too cold or not any more breathable.

A short break before the 4 km open water crossing.

The crossing went well, and as expected the wind had gone down a bit. The waves were still there and the biggest ones were around 80 cm. Though Tor isn't directly a beginner, this was the biggest waves he had been out in, but had no problems.

Crossing done.

The place looked completely different now. The water was probably 40 cm higher this time and we landed directly on a beach meadow.

Up with the tent...

... and time for dinner.

The sunset was unfortunately a disappointment.

The other direction.

The night was warm, as was the morning. I took a stroll around the island before Tor got up.

Sea campion.

Sea aster.

Some glimpses from the island.

"The loo".

It has held gas for powering the lights of some sort of illuminated sea mark at some point in time.


High water.

We started paddling again.

A brief stop to actually visit the daymark.

And again the 4 km crossing. As expected, the wind was stronger than forecasted, a repeating pattern this summer.

Back closer to land.

And just the final stretch left.

A nice little trip to a kind of island I like a lot. There are some really nice places in this rather small archipelago near the Lyökki daymark, and I haven't yet explored all of it. It was also nice to see that Tor could handle the kayak in the wind and waves.

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