Monday, May 20, 2019


Storklyndan is the northernmost point of Åland, situated about 7 km SSW of the Enskär/Isokari lighthouse. This weekend we made an overnighter and visited Storklyndan on the way.

We packed the kayaks, drove to Pleikilä and got started paddling a little over two in the afternoon.

Soon leaving Katanpää.

Now a more open section of 10 km, though there were a few small islands on the way.

As short break after having crossed Skiftet/Kihti.

Enskär/Isokari in the background.

Approaching Storklyndan.

Storklyndan hosts a small fishing village, in practice just a few cottages which have provided temporary shelter for fishermen when being out for some time. Now it looked more like someone's summer cabins.

The nature was quite interesting, with the more sheltered east side having some vegetation...

... and the west side having the barren beauty I like.

The next destination was Hamnörarna.

Time to turn back, with Norrön being the goal for the night.

A bit before Norrön, still on open water, we encountered this little fella, a common viper (Vipera berus). Being ectothermic, it was stiff and could not move in the cold water (6-8°C according to the forecast) and in practice just drifted slowly in the water. We saved it onto my foredeck and continued paddling.

We landed at Norrön after having found a spot that had some shelter for the wind, was even enough for tents and also had views to the sunset. Out little friend hadn't moved at all.

A sun warmed stone got it back to life. During all this time it remained calm and only gave a warning after having been photographed at a very close distance for a while. This is the only poisonous snake we have in Finland and as such have haters. Personally I cannot understand that at all. This is a beautiful animal that has its place in the nature and it doesn't do anything to humans unless heavily provoked.

We erected the tents and started making dinner and after a while our friend was done sunbathing and went its own way.

Hilleberg sunset.

Nice colors after sunset.

The night was very warm and I got up a little over six. I had my breakfast before the others got up, but make myself more coffee with the others later.

Venni didn't have a red Hilleberg tent and was forced to sleep directly on the cliff.

Morning entertainment.

The morning started out a little cloudy.

We got going again a little before 8:30.

The spring is a few weeks later in the outer archipelago.

We also spotted a red Hilleberg tent and went to wake up another group of Turku paddlers sleeping away a beautiful summer morning.


... and crossing Skiftet/Kihti again.

A short break at Lanskeri...

... before the last stretch.

Back at Pleikilä around 11:30 after a total of 48 km for the trip. An excellent little outing with good company, great food and excellent paddling.

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