Monday, April 1, 2019

The kayaking season has started

The kayaking season started in March, with a few days to spare.

I had some time constraints for the weekend, meaning that an overnighter would have to start after work on Friday and be done on Saturday afternoon. I still managed to get company, but I would have gone alone if necessary.

We started paddling a little over six in the evening from Pargas Port/Paraisten Portti, exactly one hour before sunset.

The sun set and we still had more than one hour to paddle in the headwind.

It got fairly dark before we arrived at Dalskär more than one hour after the sunset.

We erected the tents and hammocks and then had time to eat and relax by the fire.

It was close to midnight before I went to sleep. The evening was beautiful and at one point there were seals singing a bit away.

When the morning came, the birds woke. Blackbirds in the vicinity, a black grouse on a neighbouring island, sea birds such as eiders, and a black woodpecker was very active with drumming and different song sounds. The sun rose a little over six and I got up at half past six. It was a beautiful morning, again.

Our camp site.

Pete has a new toy (drone).

After a slow breakfast, we started paddling at nine in the morning. There was still ice in the innermost part of the bay.

We now had a slight tail wind and it felt quite warm, maybe around 5°C. I could paddle bare handed, though the sea water temperature was barely above freezing.

A short break at Högland.

The last leg back.

A nice little outing with 25 km of paddling, a suitable start to the season.

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