Thursday, May 24, 2018

May Archipelago

Anna, a Vigu mate,  had bought a new Hilleberg tent and wanted to test it. Since you naturally don't test a Hilleberg tent in your backyard we went for a little kayaking overnighter. Below are a few pictures from the overnighter.

Around 1.5 h of paddling.


The pizza oven is warming up.

Chopping garlic is serious business.

Starting with a salad.


The sun set.

My Hilleberg Niak at the front, Anna's Hilleberg Rogen in the back.

This was the most intense bird song night this spring. Not much yet around midnight, but before the sun rose the sea birds, a good number of species, caused a lot of sound. When they slowed down around sunrise, the smaller land birds started singing. I got up a little before seven and at that point the most intensive concerto was over.

No reason not to have fresh baked bread for breakfast.

I had basically eaten breakfast already, but couldn't say no to an omelette.

A little morning stroll.

A common eider. I scared up a few of this in the forest and quickly went elsewhere in order not to disturb them anymore.

Wild strawberry.

We took a little longer route back.

Rolling before arriving back at our starting point.

That's it.

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