Sunday, April 15, 2018

Spring kayaking

The beginning of the kayaking season 2018 was rather humble, but this weekend had more possibilites.

The area I would need to scout still had too much ice, but closer to Kasnäs there was more open water. A total of nine of the local paddlers started from the Högsåra ferry port, in four different groups.

More protected places still had too much ice and the closest route out to more open waters was not feasible.

A fun little "iceberg". Why go to Greenland when you have the Gullkrona Bay?

We didn't go for distance this time and paddled only around 10 km before setting camp.

Mounting the beer refrigerator...

... before taking a stroll around the island.

Lots of survival food.

A cup of coffee and a sandwhich cured the worst hunger, so there was no hurry to make dinner. The last paddlers arrived during coffee time.

Starting the wood stove. My new kayak has lots of packing space and a bag of firewood fitted without problems.

An opportunist immediately took advantage of the fire.

Lots of cranes migrating.

I had meat and sweet potatoes. Quite delicious and in addition to the kayaking season, the barbecue season is also opened.

A fire can also be used to temperate wine.

And the sun went down a little before nine.

I had my winter sleeping bag and enjoyed a warm night. The temperature did probably not go below freezing this night. I managed to sleep until half past seven in the morning and then got up and took a stroll to the part of the island I hadn't yet checked out.

Whiches' broom, generally the consequence of a fungal infection.

The birds have started to arrive.

My tent and kayak.


Due to family obligations I had to leave at ten in the morning. The others were awake making breakfast.

Now that I was alone, there was no reason not to check out the "iceberg" a little closer.
Skim Beaufort


And since no one saw me I climbed to the top of the ice berg.

My new neoprene boots are nice. They are big enough (size 48) to allow thick wool socks in the drysuit and very comfortable with good soles and flexible waterproof canvas shafts. They also also high enough to keep the water out in most landing situations.

Continuing back towards the Högsåra ferry.

I was back a little before twelve after 11 km. It started to rain a little as I unpacked the kayak and started to rain a lot more when I tightened the kayak to the car roof. Good timing.

A nice litte trip and I was happy to test the Skim Beaufort on an overnighter. There really was plenty of packing space in the kayak, just as expected, and it still feels very comfortable.

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