Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 in review

The outdoor year 2016 was for me pretty much about sea kayaking. The -Vigu sea kayak guide specialization started in March and was quite intensive, with the final being in Cornwall in September. In addition, I also did more mountain biking in the latter half of the year. On top of this, the year was quite hectic at work and a couple of times my stress level was definitely too high. Still, looking back at the outdoor year it wasn't a bad one.

The year started with Nordic skating. The season lasted for a little less than two weeks in the Turku region.

The first overnighter was less than a week into the new year, as it should be. It was a rather cold bikepacking overnigher.

In the middle of January we got real fatbike conditions.

The winter was sweet and lasted to the end of February, which was much too short. I made the most of it, though. On skis, fatbike, kayak and with the kids.

The snow melted rapidbly in March, and it was again time to spend more time in the kayak, both on indoor and on the sea.

Also, there was again some Nordic skating when the snow was gone.

The last remnants of winter were explored by fatbike.

April saw almost exclusively kayaking.

May was a busy time of the year with lots to do at work and several kayak and canoe overnighers.

June was even more hectic at work, but I did get away for a six day sea kayaking course in the Archipelago Sea. as well as having two other kayaking weekends.

July was mostly spent on vacation, but we had one kayaking weekend...

... and the four day Vigu mountain biking introduction course with me as the instructor.

August was quite ok with both bike riding and a week-long sea kayaking course in Sweden.

September was hectic. First the downhill cycling course in Åre...

... almost immediately followed by the climax of the sea kayak guide course, a week in Cornwall...

... and finally with after two days of rest, the NIL Sea Kayak Guide assessment weekend.

For the rest of the year I mainly did mountain biking, as well as spending more time at work. There were a couple of bikepacking overnighters as well as the six day Vigu bikepacking trip with me as the instructor. There was only some occasional kayaking.

November started great with cold weather and a little snow. The snow disappeared and at times the ground has been a little white, but not enough to allow any snow sports. The Nordic skating season, though, has been the best one for many years.

Now I'm just waiting for snow. Lots of snow.

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