Sunday, May 1, 2016

Another April kayaking overnighter.

The spring is a wonderful time of the year. No reason then not go on an overnighter, if possible. Below are some impressions from a kayaking overnighter 23-24 April.

We (me, Jarkko and Tarja) started from Ahventaka in the afternoon. During the forty minute car drive it occasionally rained. Now it looked like we would race against the rather dark clouds.

In the other direction everything was still sunny and nice.

A glance over the shoulder.

It seemed likely that we would get rain at some point, but we were still good.

It started to rain, but we were quite close to an island we considered for the night.

We checked out the island to make sure that we wouldn't disturb any nesting birds.

The island was fine, but we decided to do a little more paddling and then get back to it. The rain soon stopped.

We returned to the island after a distance of 14.5 km for the day and set camp. The cliffs offered nice tent spots for freestanding tents, like mine.

When kayaking, good food is mandatory. Tarja had reindeer filet.

Poor Jarkko had a freeze dried meal, which of course was totally unacceptable. Jarkko is an experienced bikepacker, but still has some things to learn about kayaking. My noodle and chicken wok was fortunately enough for two.

Dessert is also nice.

We had a good view towards west.

My tent to the left and Tarja's to the right.

Your's truly. Photo by Tarja.

Jarkko pitched his pyramid tent in the forest. The island had excellent tent spots for a good number of tents.

The sunset was well documented.

The view from the tent when falling asleep.

The view from the tent when waking up. Quite acceptable, I would say.

The night had obviously been a little chilly, with some occasional frost.

Breakfast at seven on the sunny side of the island.

No, we didn't have eggs for breakfast.

Paddling again.

The weather was quite nice.

Interesting islands as well.

Just before arriving back at the cars, something resembling snow started to fall down.

Just when we had packed everything into the cars it started to rain. In the evening it started to snow and the next morning we had 10 cm of snow.

The trip took just under 24 hours with a total of 35.5 km and was very nice.

Check our Jarkko's report in Finnish here.

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