Saturday, April 2, 2016

Early spring kayaking

The winter is definitely over, and according to the temperatures the thermic spring has started. We're still at least a week away from the early spring flowers, though, and the night temperatures are still often below freezing and we even had some light snowfall yesterday. But spring is definitely coming and with daylight savings in place the evenings are now light again. It was hence time for the first kayaking overnighter of the year.

With the sunset at 20:15 I had time to eat dinner with the family before going. My intention this time was to test some filming techniques for kayaking, so I didn't chase distance, something I rarely do anyway. I started paddling from the Saaronniemi beach at 18:45 in a really nice weather. This time I took the Aquarius Sea Lion, since I think it is a lot more photogenic that the Arrow Play. Another reason was that I caused some damage to the gelcoat of the Arrow Play a week earlier when dragging myself over ice.

I landed at Leppäkari to do rig up two cameras and then did the approach again.

Continuing towards Lapila.

The sun had now set and it was slowly becoming darker. I did the landing at Pitkäluoto twice, to get it on video.

I put up the tent and made a cup of hot chocolate, which I enjoyed with a sandwhich while watching the boats going to Sweden pass.

Some reading  before going to sleep.

The star timelapse failed, since I didn't remember to switch to a fresh battery in the camera. Less that thirty pictures is not enough...

I was quite tired and didn't feel like getting up too early in the morning, even though you really should do that to get good video and photo material. The morning was quite crisp when I got up at seven, just in time for the sunrise.

The tent spot was ok.

Thawing some frozen neoprene.

Morning coffee with a view.

Time to paddle again.

Very nice paddling.

Most of the ice, which I walked on here a week earlier, was gone.


I was home at noon, just in time to make lunch for the family. The distance was small, but an outing should be measured by other means, and this one was really nice.

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