Sunday, December 27, 2015

The outdoor year 2015

Take a look at my outdoor year 2015.

After a nice wintry Christmas the weather returned to warm and wet in time for New Year, a weather that does not inspire to great outdoor accomplishments. I was happy to be invited to a group of four that would kayak to Örö early on New Year's Day, to be the first persons on the island since it was released into a National Park by the military. The year hence started with a worthy little trip.

January continued without any real snow, but there was some hope of winter. At least the paddling became colder.

At the end of January the winter finally arrived and was celebrated with a ski overnighter.

The Vigu ice skiing course was great...

... and I also managed to be on an overnighter during the probably coldest weekend in Southern Finland again, for the fifth year in a row.

The winter lasted for four weeks in Turku and after that it was again back to the fall like wet and warm weather. March offered some nice days for kayaking, but the ice caused trouble more than once when returning from kayaking overnighters.

Despite a warm winter, the spring didn't come early. In April there was however plenty of light and the ground slowly started to dry up.

In May we had maybe the most fun Vigu course yet, the whitewater canoeing course. Four days with pure fun and adrenaline.

The rest of May and June had me quite busy at work, but I still managed to do a few overnighters, a few days at Legoland with the family and more Vigu courses.

After a very hectic June I had four weeks of vacation. About half the time was spent with the family and half the time kayaking. The weather wasn't particularly warm, but I like it that way.

After my vacation I had a lot to do at work, but still managed two Vigu courses in August.

The fall was very busy at work, but I still managed some overnighters now and then. The fall was actually unusually dry and nice until the beginning of November.

This year I focused pretty much on kayaking, with over 1000 km paddled. This will continue also next year, as a quite extensive Vigu kayaking specialization course is coming up, but I also plan to do more bike riding next year. Hopefully 2016 will see a better winter that the last two ones, though, since the fall like winter has seriously eaten into my mountain biking motivation.

I had a little over forty nights out this year, which I consider to be pretty good considering my fulltime job and family obligations.

Thanks to everyone who has joined me on my outings. See you in 2016!

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