Monday, October 5, 2015

The last kayaking overnighter of the season?

A look at the calendar showed that  most of the weekends of October were already filled. This weekend, however, was entirely free and when the weather forecast also promised great weather the decision was made: A short overnighter leaving on Saturday afternoon and returning around lunch on Sunday. I got Tarja and O-P to join me.

We started at Granvik, which is a 45 minute drive from Turku and is a little more than one hour of paddling from the open part of the Archipelago Sea. It was a little over four in the afternoon and it almost felt like summer.


It's more fun to try paddle via small islands.

The hands felt that the water temperature was only around 10C. No that cold, but not warm either.

There were some boats out, suprisingly many as a matter of fact.

The evenings get darker earlier and earlier. With one hour to sunset we still were in no hurry.

Closing in on the Dalskär, the goal for the night.

Dalskär turned out to be too popular with several sailing boats and one motor boat.

We continued for two kilometers to Mellanlandet instead, making a total of 20 km for the day.

After having set up the tents, it was time for dinner. I made a pizza this time and it turned out quite nice.

The rising moon was quite red.


We got up at around half past seven. The morning was grey.

A last sea campion.


... with coffee...

... and the pancake with bacon I got served a week earlier.

Start around 9:30.

We had tailwind for the first part and had some nice small surfs.

Rather dark weather except for some light spots at the horizon.

Arriving at the last sheltered half of the trip back.

A small break to stretch the legs.

A route that looked possible on the map had a slight obstacle, which we got under.

After 13.5 km we were back at Granvik.

A nice little outing, and possibly the last one for the season with a kayak. Except for when the full moon shines from a clear sky, paddling in the darkness is difficult. And darkness of the winter is closing in...

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