Sunday, September 13, 2015

Short canoe overnighter

It was time for a long due canoeing overnighter with the kids. I'd like to do more canoeing, but there really aren't any lake landscapes very close to Turku. The closest ones are about a one hour drive away and they are not big enough for more that a day or two on canoeing. Still, even shorter trips are nice and it is easy to bring the kids in a canoe. The 11 year old had some other activities planned, so I only got the 10 year old with me this time. The target was the Västerby area, which I knew from my childhood and youth.

We started paddling at six in the evening and planned to paddle for around two hours, which would have us landing around sunset.

The lake has very nice places, though one side of it has too many cottages to really make that wilderness feeling possible.

Very nice, though, here and there.


... and father.

We checked out several small bays.

Eventually we came closer to sunset and were done paddling.

Time for dinner. Pancakes is a safe bet when having kids around.

A nice tent spot.

And good night.

The night was calm and fairly warm. The morning had some clouds.

Making coffee, the most essential part of a breakfast.

The Primus Omnilite Ti stove, which I bought on a sale for a rather low price, finally became usable when Primus brought out the new silent burner cap.


Bread for breakfast.

A rather unfortunate place to grow on.

The sun broke through the clouds.

On the move again.

Looking back at the camp island.

Checking out and photographing things.

The remnants of some sort of cabin. I'll check it out closer the next time I'm in the area.

We only had a short bit to paddle, less than an hour, and were back at home again in time for lunch with the rest of the family.

That's it.

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