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Archipelago Sea filming and paddling trip part 1

On Monday 26th July it was time for the week-long paddling and filming trip in the Archipelago Sea for the Lennart Media film, starting from the Gyltö bridge and arriving at Kökar six days later. The intention was to start filming and paddling fairly early, but a strong wind kept us on land until the evening. We also changed the starting point to Rumar because of the wind.

The time was already 20:30 when we finally could start. The distance to the open hut at Konungskär was only 9 km, but filming takes some time. The wind had stopped almost completely.

Johan rigs the camera for a paddle-by scene.
The evening was nice, but it got pretty dark before we arrived at Konungskär sometime around 23:30.

The Konungskär hut. We still had dinner to make and got to sleep one hour after midnight.

The hut is very nice and roomy.


Magnus films a dialog scene.

My almost non-existent poker makes it difficult to stay serious even though the topic demands it.

Me and Magnus paddling away, while Johan flies the camera.

Continuing towards Nötö.

No trip should commence without chocolate.
A GoPro view, straightened, since I can't stand the GoPro fisheye distortions.

Arriving at Nötö.

At Nötö we loaded some batteries for cameras, drone and computer as well as had a delicious pizza for late lunch made on the place by Magnus. In addition we did some filming of our route planning. By now we had decided that Kökar was no longer a realistic goal, since the filming took so much time.

It was getting late when we finally could continue.

We paddled to Fårö and arrived well after sunset.

The night was again rather short, but the morning was nice.

Fårö is a nice place with a choice of sand beaches and beaches with more coarse gravel.

The raspberries tasted great.


Tansy and cow vetch.

The inner of the island had a nice sparse pine forest.

Getting gear and food for a week is a tight fit when also carrying extra camera gear. Everything has to be optimized.

Johan inspects his variable ND filter, which fell victim to gravity,

On the move.

Another short paddle-by scene is being prepared. Johan still looks quite happy, since he hadn't yet dropped his first Zoom recorder in the water.

Nice weather on the way to Björkö.

Björkö is a really nice place.

Avocado pasta for lunch.

Sea mayweed.

Jurmo is just a five kilometer crossing away.

A paddling scene at Sanden.

Sea kale as a little snack.

Back in Kvarken? It's quite stony in some places around Jurmo.

Arriving at Sandvik harun, where we had been given permission to stay in a cabin.

View from the top of Sandvik harun. (Click to see a bigger panorama).

Sailing boats in the Jurmo guest harbor,

The cabin was very cozy,

The next morning started with nice weather.

Magnus had brought his ukulele.
Johan had just noticed that he had left his laptop at Nötö.

The computer was still there in the same place he left it and it was arranged to arrive at Jurmo with the afternoon ferry. The relief warranted some smoking.

Diffusor for a dialog scene. The resulting light was excellent.

The weather was a little rainy, so we had lunch before we left.

The weather hadn't really improved when we were about to leave.

Eventually we left and the weather soon improved when we continued to Jurmo,

The sea chart as well as the topographical maphave a serious flaw here. We had planned to go through the 30 m passage clearly shown here, but it was all land there.

Landed at Moringharu, the designated tent spot at Jurmo, around four in the afternoon, in good time to get the computer from the ferry that was to arrive one hour later.

I wasn't particularly fond of the tent spot. The last time I was on Jurmo with a tent over ten years ago, the tent spot was at a really fabulous place.

Emptying memory cards into the laptop.

We certainly did our part supporting the little shop and café at the Jurmo guest harbor and got a nice dinner with fresh potatoes and newly smoked salmon.

The harbor café.

The rest of the evening saw some photography and landscape filming, as well as time lapses.

Our next goal 12 km away, Utö, was clearly visible from the tent.

Good night.

Continued here.

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