Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice and the End of a Season

The winter solstice is actually on Monday, but I chose to celebrate it on today on Sunday, since Monday is a workday for me. The days will now start to get longer again. This is worth celebrating because currently the time between sunrise and sunset is only 5 h and 44 minutes, which does limit you a bit on workdays. A good way to celebrate the solstice is to do something outside.

My intention was that last Sunday´s trip would be the end of the kayaking season for me, since it was an absolutely fantastic outing.

I had planned a bike ride for today, but as it felt like I was catching a cold I thought that would have been too hard on the body after all. With the sunrise being at 9:37 I had plenty of time to consider my options, while drinking the morning coffee. It looked to be a fine morning, so I opted to go for some final paddling instead, before the arrival of the winter. I did not regret the decision.

The ten day weather forecast now predicts snow and a temperature safely below freezing, so it seems likely the winter has finally arrived. There was a slight dusting already.

Vepsä gets snow.

I still like the Greenland stick.


There was already ice in some more sheltered places. The ice thickness was around 5 mm, which was still possible to paddle through.

On the way back it started to snow.

The final 1 km crossing was even a bit too exciting, with waves from two directions and big enough to occasionally break over the kayak, but I got back without any bigger problems.

The December kayaking has offered some really nice moments in the nature, a good compensation for the lack of winter and this was a worthy finish to the kayaking season.

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