Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Vajosuo Beer Ride

It feels like the summer ended when I returned from the kayaking course and the schools started. The temperature dropped and it started raining almost constantly, after a very long period of (too) hot weather and drought. I had some kayaking planned, but for different reasons the plans were not realized, so when JJ asked about any possible overnighter plans, a plan was quickly formed. According to the weather forecast, there was to a brief recess in the raining on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th, so we went for a short overnighter.

We met at the Rantapiha trail head parking place. My bike is packed and ready. As can be seen, the car is always ready both with a kayak holder and a bike holder.

Starting with the Savojärvi trail, consisting mostly of duckboards. JJ rides his carbon 907 with Bud and Lou tires.

Ville took his cargo bike, just to keep things interesting.

My Salsa Mukluk in summer mode with 29+ wheels and tires.

The cargo bike is a little long in some places.

Lake Savojärvi.

On we went.

I now have front suspension on the Mukluk for summer use.

More riding pictures.

The Kurjenrahka mire.

At the birdwatching tower. JJ films a swan family a couple of hundred meters away.

Sometime during last winter this appeared. Some idiot has been there with a motocross bike or something. Normally a motocross bike would just move in the Z direction on the mire, but might be possible to achieve something like that when the bog is frozen. Anyway, an idiotic thing to do, this being a national park and all.

Ville pushes it.

The duckboards are rather difficult to ride on.

Even the fatbike gets stuck sometimes.

Not everything is duckboards, though.

A short road section.

The final trail section was a race against the darkness.

The very last duckboards of the night were also the most difficult. Covered with water, due to the high water level after the constant raining, and in poor shape. I got my front wheel between the duckboards, since I couldn't see anything, and after that got wet up to my knees.

When we arrived at the shelter, Jani and Tommi were already there and had a fire going. Lots of food and a little beer followed.

Jani is into military gear and has everything camo painted.

JJ has no problems in the drizzle with his large sydvest.

An alcometer, a first at the Vajosuo shelter. I doubt it would have shown anything for me, but JJ would not have been allowed to ride.

A short night later. Tommi had to go to work and hence was the first to get up.

Traditional Vajosuo breakfast: Coffee and toasted bread.

Jani's gear. He came by foot.

Matti K came for a visit during his morning ride.

In many ways it felt like fall, though it technically still is summer. The lingonberries are just beginning to ripen,


... to the ant nest.

Heather in bloom.

Tommi rides to work.

On the trail again.

The Vajosuo mire with new duckboards.

Forest riding.

The gold of the forest, chanterelle.

Not everything is easy with a cargo bike.

The weather was quite dynamic with both sunshine and rain. It was quite warm, though.

National park forest.

The last duckboards of the trip.

That's it. It was nice with a bike overnighter again.

Check out JJ:s video from the outing:

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