Monday, January 6, 2014

Misery training

During the misery overnighter a few days ago, Toni mentioned that he was going to do a longer (> 8h) training ride on Monday, because he needed the training for Rovaniemi 150. Since I will also participate in the race, that implicated that I also needed training. In fact, I need it a lot more than Toni, who does commute 40 km a day with his bike. The weather was somewhat suboptimal, but there comes a point when it becomes stupid to just complain about the lack of the winter. This is the weather we have and there isn't no alternative but to accept it.

I was to meet Toni at the Vajosuo parking place at 11:00. We both went there by bike. I started a little over nine in the morning, after a small breakfast with coffee. It was dark when I started, but got less dark during the ride.

We went to the Vajosuo bird watching tower to check out the mire in all its depressing misery. Getting there we rode a short trail section. On this trail Toni thought that I resembled the mix of a moose and a goat. I can understand the moose part because of my size. The goat part was because Toni thought I was nimble as a mountain goat on the technical trail. I would have preferred something like a lion or at least a bear, but as Toni has goats I have to trust his judgement.

It was actually quite beautiful.

Another lagg zone.

We continued on mainly small roads.

Lakjärvi is a nice place.

There was some hot embers in the fireplace next to the Lakjärvi shelter, and I quickly put on a little fire wood...

... for the noble purpose of warming/toasting my sandwhiches.

The shelter.

Toni boils water for our coffee...

... while I patiently waited and warmed my hands.

The British made gas canister didn't work well in the temperature just above freezing. We finally got some power out of it by using heat from what was left of the fire.

Mmm. Coffee.

On the move again.

Duckboards south of Savojärvi.

The Kurjenrahka mire.

It was now time to turn back. Toni decided to take a longer route and followed me home first, before riding to his place.

I was back home after 105 km and 7 h 30 min, of which a little over six hours was actual riding and bike pushing time. The amount of energy consumed was 6889 kcal according to Garmin, which does seem a little much. though we did ride quite hard on the way back. I also did this on a rather low amount of energy for the sake of training: Two sandwhiches for breakfast, two for lunch and a little more that half a bag of miracle candy. I would estimate the total energy amount of my food as 1100-1300 kcal, which is a lot less than 'what I used up.

All in all, a very good training ride. Thanks Toni for the company.

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