Sunday, April 7, 2013

Skiing in the Vaskijärvi Nature Reserve

The winter continues and there was no reason not to go out on a ski overnighter, especially since this isn't anything you normally do in April. Usually we have spring by now in Southern Finland. JJ also thought a ski overnighter would be a good idea and suggested the Vaskijärvi area, which consists a several large open mires and a few lakes.

A little over five in the afternoon we got going. It was several degrees over freezing and the sun felt warm. There was a short forest section before we arrived at the mire.

The open mires are usually surrounded by less open mires with small pines.

Arriving at the lake Vähä-Valanen.

The glide wasn't spectacular off the snow.

JJ skiing on Vähä-Valanen.

A short mire section later we arrived at the lake Iso-Valanen.


The summer route, which I've done a number of times on bike.

Continuing on the Valastensuo mire.

The next mire, Karja-Kurjensuo.

Less snow off the mire.

A small island on the mire.

Arriving at the lake Kajavajärvi.

Time for a short break.

The outlet from Kajavajärvi was open and a pretty beautiful place.

A little forest before arriving at the Kaukosuo mire.


After a little over three hours of skiing we made camp. This time I had my bivy bag. I made pancakes again, which tasted great.

A good, but short, night's sleep later we had breakfast. I made my coffee with a GSI Outdoors Personal Java Press this time.

We started skiing again at eight. The weather was now cloudy and it soon started to snow.

The snowing soon stopped, at least for the moment, and we continued back with a different route. The glide was very good and after the colder night the skis didn't sink more than a few millimeters into the snow.

There were occasional bare spots on the mire and I even found a few cranberries in perfect and tasty shape.

This mire area differs from the Kurjenrahka area, where I've spent more time, in that here the mires often end with bare cliffs. In the Kurjenrahka area the mires are usually surrounded by quite dense forest.

Straight ahead towards the Vaskijärvi lake.

The lake Vaskijärvi.

A short forested mire section...

... and then we are back at Vähä-Valanen.

A half kilometer more and we were back at the cars. It started to snow...

A very nice little trip again. Thanks for the company, JJ.

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