Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Riding on snowmobile trails

Pure fatbike content this time. While we do have a lot of winter trails in and around the city of Turku, there are very few snowmobile trails in this part of the country, so when Toni found a longer one close to where he lives in Paimio there was immediately interest in a group ride.

I was the only one besides Toni who turned up, though. We started riding a little over eight in the morning last Sunday, starting with maybe fifteen minutes on road. The road took us to the Paimio river valley. (Some photos by Toni Lund).

The river valley even provided some ups and downs.

After a while the trail left the river valley and continued through forests and open fields.

The sky was still a little cloudy, but there was hope that the sun would show itself. This winter has been the most cloudy one in 25 years. The statistic from Helsinki shows only 50 hours of sun since the beginning of December.

After a few hours we took a coffee break. I even had a few sandwhiches.

Toni makes sure that the world knows how good we feel.

A bag from a sleeping bag and some foam pad makes an excellent drinking water carrier in the Salsa Anything cages.

Toni is very satisfied with the 45NRTH Dillinger studded tires...

... while I prefer to have a little for float from the wider Big Fat Larry tires.

After the break the familiar feel of ice cold fingers, before regaining the warmth, was mitigated by the fact that the clouds were disappearing. The sun shine made it feel warmer than the actual temperature of -4C. 

After a while we had to turn back, but the snowmobile trail continued. Toni will probably check out where it goes at some point. On the way back there was some uncertainty regarding the route...

... but a fatbike ride is not complete without some bike pushing.

Some riding on roads was still left. We pumped more pressure into the tires, since riding on road with snow pressure is rather hard.

And then there was less than one hour on road left.

A very nice ride, made even nicer by the sun. Thanks for the company and the route, Toni.

Toni's ride report is here.

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