Sunday, December 2, 2012


I'm a little late and everybody else has been out enjoying the sunshine and winter on both Saturday and Sunday. I was away for most of the weekend and got home just in time to start riding one hour before sunset. By that time the weather had turned cloudy and non-photogenic, but I still think I'm entitled to a blog post about the long awaited winter.

Looking out right now, it feels almost unreal that I tested my new kayak just one week ago. We now have snow and it feels like winter with a temperature of -12C (10F). As I mentioned, I started a short two hour ride about one hour before sunset.

The fall misery is covered with fresh snow.

Lake Littoinen is covered with ice, though it is only strong enough for small animals.

Someone had actually been out skiing on the ice. That seems quite brave.

The snow gives a lot more light, but it still became dark some time after sunset.

Let us hope that the winter is here to stay. The weather forecasts at least seem promising.

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