Saturday, November 10, 2012

A short November Overnighter

As I've mentioned before, I've not been able to get out as much as I would have wanted to this fall, for a number of reasons. Finally it was possible, though, and the weather forecast was also quite nice. I contacted Toni and we decided to go for a short overnighter. When the weekend arrived, the weather forecast had changed a little, but we went anyway.

We started a little over seven in the evening. The weather was crisp and clear with a temperature of -4C (24F). Toni had found a new route from his home to the Marttila area using Google Maps.

Checking our position and the route. Google's definition of a road differed somewhat from the reality, but Toni is obviously sure about the direction.

Nearing the destination me moved onto trails from the small roads.

The duckboards were in quite bad shape, but still not evil.

The ice actually made for a better grip.

Almost there.

Arriving at the Onnenperänrahka shelter, the first priority was to start a fire.

My bike packed with only the necessary stuff and I rode without a rucksack this time.

We grilled sandwhiches, made hot drinks and chatted until midnight, when it was time to sleep. I slept quite well, even though I had my 600 g light summer sleeping bag. The bivy bag probably provided a little more warmth and I also had my down jacket on top of the sleeping bag.

The morning started with a cup of French roast coffee.

The Onnenperänrahka shelter.

The temperature was now above freezing and it had rained a little. For the rest of the morning there would be a drizzle of varying intensity.

The duckboards were now very slippery, possibly even evil.

At least some colors.

Toni decided play it safe.

Bear poo.
The final trail section was occasionally very nice and occasionally less so. The trail on the map did not correspond well to the reality .

Riding home on small roads. Not the nice mirror: The road was covered with ice and a little water on top. Very slippery.

A little before noon our trip was over. Thanks to Toni, it was a nice little overnighter.

Check out Toni's write-up here.

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