Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kids in the forest

No riding my fatbike in the forest this weekend for me. Last Sunday I took a nasty fall when out trail running in the rain and hurt my left shoulder and leg. The leg is feels almost normal now, but the shoulder is anything but. I tore a muscle in it and while the shoulder has almost full mobility, it is much to weak to ride a bike on technical singletrack. Hence an overnighter with the kids suited me fine this weekend.

We went to the Västerby area again. It is a one hour drive from Turku, but the area is nice and very familiar for me, since I grew up in the vicinity. We started walking a little after six in the afternoon, a little less than three hours before sunset. It rained a little for the first hour and the ground was wet. The younger boy had forgotten to take his rubber boots and it didn't take long before his feet were all wet.

The distance to cover wasn't very long, but the kids have other interests than covering a lot of ground. This time it was billberries...

... and blueberries. The blueberries were tasty and big.

A little more walking...

... and we arrive at a suitable camp spot close to a shelter and fire place. I didn't find a suitable tent spot exactly where I thought, since the Golite Shangri-La 5 has a pretty big footprint. Next order of business was to put up the tent.

Interestingly enough, there were very few mosquitoes until sunset. After that they came out in big numbers, exactly like during an overnighter in August a year ago.

The evening was very nice.

While I was out doing some photography, the kids consumed some literature.

 Soon it was night and time to sleep.
The night was quite warm and humid. With water from the previous rain dripping from the trees and no wind, there was a lot of condensation in the tent, but the steep walls of the tent made sure nothing dripped down on us.

The next morning was misty.

For breakfast a porridge made of rice flakes and powdered milk, which still tastes a lot better than oatmeal porridge.

With blueberries on top the porridge tastes great.
The kids tried not to fall in the water while I packed down everything.
And on we go.

Some final blueberries before the trip is over.

That's it.

PS. About half of the pictures are stills from video, which might not be visible after a quick look. A closer look quickly reveals it, though.

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