Friday, June 8, 2012

May Days video and some thoughts

I finished the video from the May Days bikepacking outing yesterday:

While I didn't actually write down anything, I did some planning of the shots I would need for this video. As a result I came home with a little more video material than on previous occasions. On the third evening I ran out of batteries, so the video ends a little abruptly, since I couldn't really use any previous clips due to the change in weather. I need more batteries. The Panasonic GH2 seems to need one battery per day when doing a little more filming and photography.

A first for me was the narration. I certainly didn't feel comfortable doing it, since while I do read and write English fairly well, I don't get much practice speaking it and English is after all my third language. But, to develop I think you occasionally need to leave your comfort zone. I'm not fully satisfied with the result (I think there should have been a little more narration), but I still think it is a valid attempt.

Any constructive feedback is welcome.

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