Sunday, April 1, 2012

Early spring overnighter

The younger boy, just turned seven, wanted to go out for an overnighter during the winter. We had problems finding a suitable time slot, though, with all sorts of other events and occasionally too cold weather. Of course, it would have been possible to sleep in the backyard, but that is not the same thing. The winter turned to spring and then back, and suddenly suitable weather was forecasted. A temperature of -6C seemed like the perfect conditions for this.

I live next to a forest of about 2 square kilometers, so it would be perfectly possible to still do an overnighter very close to home, but since the weather forecast promised a nice morning I wanted to go to a place with a nice view eastwards. We got going slightly late, but since sunset was at 20:15 this caused no problems.

Looking at the planned tent place on the opposite side of the lake.

The higher route.

The sun had already set, but there was still plenty of light.

Haunisten allas. This is very close to the city and the tent spot was just 1.5 km from a large shopping center.

It is as fun as always to throw stones in the lake, though the ice prevented any proper splash.

Just a short bit left.

The tent is up. The Tarptent Double Rainbow is roomy enough for me and one child.

Getting darker.

And then came the night.

The night was actually surprisingly quiet for being this close to the city. Around six in the morning some amount of noise from the traffic started to be heard. We woke some time before sunrise, which was around seven in the morning.

The breakfast consisted of sandwhiches, hot chokolate and coffee (for me) made from water in a thermos bottle.

Indeed a nice morning.

The temperature was the forecasted -6C.

First test of my properly named new ultralight (250 g) summer down jacket.

There is always something to do while daddy takes down the tent.

We got started around eight o'clock. It was still a very nice crisp morning.

Checking the thickness of the ice.

Not much snow left, but many ice formations were found.

We were in no hurry and were done walking a little over nine o'clock.

A nice short overnighter that was much appreciated by my seven year old son.

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