Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just another winter Sunday

This weekend would have been great for an overnighter, but due to my slight frostbite I did not go anywhere. With these electric insoles I had no problems commuting during the week, even though we had -23C (-10F) one morning, but I am looking for new warmer boots. Still, the doctor told me to stay inside all weekend and keep the toes in a constant suitably warm temperature. I did follow his advice. Mostly. At least during the night.

The cold sunny weather we had for the last almost two weeks has given way to warmer cloudy weather with snowfall. With a temperature of just a few degrees below freezing the it was quite easy to be outside. I did some fatbike riding during the weekend and had a nice Sunday morning on my neighbourhood trails.

Lake Littoinen provided good fatbike training. There were some harder places on the ice where people had walked, but new snow made it hard to see exactly where to ride.

In the middle of the lake I lost the harder surface to ride on and had to ride on untouched snow. It was hard and occasionally harder.

Toni ordered a stem cap thermometer and got one for me too. A good idea, but with a tempereture range of -25C to +55C I feel this one is made for a slightly warmer climate.

A light snowfall. Maybe my next overnighter, hopefully next weekend, will be on skis.

Lots of people out skiing on the lake.

The forest trail are nice and hard.

Being a family man, I went out with the kids in the afternoon. The natural thing for kids to do outside at this time of the year is pulk riding. And skiing, of course, but we'll have to do that another day.

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