Monday, December 5, 2011

Tour de Pöyrisjärvi video

I finally finished the video from the Pöyrisjärvi bikepacking trip.

Due to loosing my tripod head quite early in the trip, I didn't quite get the footage I had planned and had to settle for a rather short video. I also feel that some POV clips would make the video more interesting, but the EOS 60D DSLR was too big and heavy for that. Finally, I was unable to actually create the output video with Windows Movie Maker on my own laptop when having edited it. The computer just crashed when it was 99 percent done. I think this was the last time I used Windows Movie Maker. The application is otherwise good enough and easy to use, but it lacks the necessary stability.


  1. I like it, it gives a good idea of your scenery. Some lovely sandy beaches and tundra type vegetation. What was the little animal looking at the camera (not something we have in Scotland)?

  2. The little aggressive animal is a Norwegian Lemming (Lemmus lemmus). The population varies enormously, and this year was probably the best lemming year for twenty years or something.

  3. What an awesome landscape to bike-pack in! Thanks for sharing :D


  4. Hi,
    I agree. Fascinating landscape. The caribou were cool. Good tunes.

  5. Lovely, and thanks for all your's excelent!! I know it's a lot of effort also to do this when often you really just want to do the ride! Much appreciated,