Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some new photo gear

I've complemented my Olympus m43 system with the Olympus ED 9-18 1:4-4.5 wideangle lens. With a focal length equivalent of 18-36 mm it is quite wide, far wider than anything I've had before. It is very small and light (155 g), while still having a good image quality. M43 really does give a lot lighter and smaller system than a traditional DSLR.

Though I'd prefer the close focusing distance to be even closer, it still enables images like this.

It will probably take some time to use the wide end of the lens well, but should be fun.

I also bought the Olympus macro converter lens for the 40-150 lens and the 14-42 lens. While the quality should be a fair bit from that of a proper macro lens, which usually are very good, it should provide good enough quality for most occasions in a very small and light package. The close focusing distance is 35 cm with the 40-150 mm lens, which is not too bad.

I will probably get one lens more for the system. The Panasonic Lumix 20mm F1.7 pancake lens is very small, light, sharp and has a large maximum aperture. After that my system should be fine for most occasions.

The fall has this far been very rainy and hence I have not done much photography or any overnighters for almost a full month. The darkness is also limiting the possibilities in the morning and evening. When it comes to colours, the fall has been fairly mediocre, probably because it has been so warm (and rainy). I did find this colorful leave in my backyard, though.

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