Monday, September 12, 2011

Another overnighter with the kids

The kids wanted to go to on an overnighter again and last Saturday was a good time for that. Full moon, clear sky later in the evening and possibly some rain in the early evening was the weather forecast. Since the last overnighter two weeks earlier the day had shortened by 1 h 17 minutes, but there still was enough light to put up the tent in good light. This time I wanted to check out the north side of the Matildanjärvi lake.

We jumped into the car for the one hour ride to Mathildedal a little after five in the afternoon.  Mathildedal and the Teijo are is still the best alternative for a trip like this, even though it means driving there by car. The Kuhankuono area, which is 15 minutes closer, is mostly a national park with restrictions on where camping is allowed and it is not as nice as the Teijo area.

Full speed ahead.

Still some berries left.

No color.

Fall color.

Rufous Milkcap.

A very beautiful place.

The wood shed burned down. Or was it a shelter?

A short boardwalk section.

Still not enough stones in the lake.

We arrived at the place I had selected on the map and it turned out to be a good one. There is actually no shortage of good tent places on the north side of the lake.

Zooming in on the moon.

The water never ceases to interest.

Where is the treasure?

After a while the kids went in to play in the tent...

... while I watched the sunset.

The kids insisted on "real" outdoor food, so I made a Real Turmat Chicken in Herb sauce for them.

I took some pictures while the kids ate.

It was getting quite dark and the kids wanted to go out and play with their new head lights.

Time to go to sleep. Note the campfire on the other side of the lake.

We slept quite well and I got up in time to enjoy the sunrise. It really was a beautiful morning.

After a while I made breakfast for the kids and then they also came out.

No, daddy, I won't fall in the water.

Well, at least part of the sweater is dry...

The bumble bees are still asleep.

Going back.

Picking some chanterelles before arriving at the car.

This was another very nice overnighter with the kids in great early fall weather. The area is also very beautiful. The nature of these tours are totally different from my usual mostly solitary outings. I don't push myself at all, the only thing occasionally gets pushed is my patience. It is very satisfying to see the kids enjoy themselves and this is real quality time with them. The kids also talk about it a lot afterwards and want to go again as soon as possible.


  1. It certainly is a beautiful time of the year.

  2. Absolutely stunning pic's, Peter!
    And really cool that you can get out with your boys to enjoy the outdoors and to see things through their eyes.
    Can't wait for my daughter to grow old enough for such adventures.
    / Karl

  3. Inspiring writing and really great pic's..

  4. Hi Peter
    Looks like a great experience for the kids! I am trying to find a superlight, functional tent for our family outings and would love to hear your experiences with the Golite.

  5. This far the Golite Shangri-La 5 has been great. It is just big enough for a family with two children and is light enough (2.7 kg with extra stakes and guy lines). It does need quite a bit of space on the ground and it takes a while to put it up (maybe I'll get faster), but it is very roomy and nice inside. I have yet to try it in real rain, so the jury is still out.

    There are not very many light alternatives available, though. Most family tents are quite heavy, which makes them less suitable for hiking and bikepacking. The Hilleberg Nallo 4 is heavier than the Shangri-La, but should have more room, even though it is quite low in comparison. It is also quite expensive. The Nallo 4 should be better in hard wind, if that is important. The Tarptent Hogback sleeps four and is lighter, though it is also quite low inside. There should be a few more light alternatives from the U.S as well.

  6. I really like your stories, pictures, hints, tents, lot of facts about different types of cameras, you really can create a feeling like we were on those overnighthers also. I can't wait for next winter in order to see new pictures and adventures with your FATBIKE. I myself like winter biking also. Best Regards Pia

  7. Thanks a lot for the comment, Pia.

  8. Thank you for your answer. At the moment we're using a Helsport Fjellheimen Camp 4. It is fairly light, though in sheltered places, a lightweight tent like your Golite sounds like an even better choice. I'll check out the Tarptent Hogback too :)


  9. I love the colours of the bilberries (in Scotland we call them blaeberries). The habitat is like parts of the Highlands, with birch, pine and tasty chanterelles.