Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bikepacking video

I finished the video from last week's bikepacking trip.


  1. Magnificent. The atmosphere and the feel of doing a bike adventure is brilliantly captured.

  2. Very Nice, looks like a great outing!! I love all those narrow log bridges criss-crossing the bogs you have there, I haven't seen those here in Canada.
    BTW which tent is that?

  3. Thanks.

    BCD, the boardwalks I've seen in your pictures seem more bike friendly. The problem with riding on two parallel planks is that there is usually a gap between them, big enough for a tire. I've even had an Endomorph get stuck between the planks.

    The tent is a Tarptent Double Rainbow.

  4. Great video / loistava video!!!

  5. That single board riding with a load looks like a neat single track