Monday, April 25, 2011


The spring has arrived. Two weeks ago I did my last overnighter on skis for the winter and now the snow is gone. The terrain has dried up surprisingly quickly and today we almost had summer weather with a highest temperature of 18ºC (65ºF). The night temperatures have still been around freezing, though.

Tor, who turned six a few weeks ago, got a new bike, a Kona Hula with 24 inch wheels, and is rapidly learning to ride on trails.

24" vs 29".

I did go for a ride on my own as well, using the FS bike for the first time since September. A nice change.

There is still some snow in shadowy places, but mostly the trails are in nice shape.

I immediately noticed how uncomfortable my old saddle was (a Selle Italia Shiver Gel Flow) after having used the Rido R2 on the Pugsley and Fargo since November. I borrowed the one from the Pugsley to try it out on the Hifi 29. It was very comfortable here as well. The saddle is ugly, wide and heavy, but it does put the pressure on the sit bones, right where it belongs. I will have to order a third one.

I hope to do an overnighter within the next two weeks.

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