Sunday, February 13, 2011

The cold weather is back

After having a little warmer weather with some thawing for a few weeks, the cold weather is back. I went out for a ride in splendid weather with sunshine and a crisp -16°C (3°F) temperature.

People were enjoying the nice weather on the nearby lake.

The trails are in nice and hard shape.

There was even some (barely) rideable tracks out to the two small islands of the lake.

The Biltema pogies worked great in this temperature. With a pair of thin wool finger gloves my hands stayed comfortably warm. The cycling shoes worked as expected as well. I replaced the insole with a wool felt one and used a pair of thick wool socks as well as neoprene shoe covers. After 2.5 h my feet were still fairly warm, but this is really a little too cold for this type of shoes.


  1. Wow, your getting cold, and we're getting a warm up right now!!?? 34 f right now, with a high of 42f called for mid week!! Yuck!!! :(
    Looks like your enjoying the cool down!!!


  2. Hopefully our warm period is over now. The temperature was still mostly below freezing, but a few times it was higher. The highest was around 38°F, I think.

  3. Lovely pics as always!
    Enjoy your snow biking!

  4. -27°C on Monday morning in Paimio. -30°C barrier will probably be broken this week.

  5. The weather forecast is very promising for a full moon overnighter on skis next weekend: Clear weather and -26°C. A rare opportunity here.

  6. Indeed. I'm thinking about a short overnighter for the same reason but if it is -27°C in the night, is it just a little too cold...?

  7. -27°C is a little too cold for my sleeping bag, but by putting a thick down jacket on top it should be good enough. If necessary a bottle of warm water inside the sleeping bag would also provide extra warmth. And two ground pads is absolutely necessary.