Thursday, January 6, 2011

First S24O of the year

Toni Lund got some new gear for Christmas that needed testing, a good excuse for going out on an overnighter. We decided to meet halfway between our homes, meaning Piikkiö.

Packed and ready to go.

Starting out with singletrack.

After this I continued towards Piikkiö on smaller roads. My cheap Biltema pogies are almost to warm. In -8°C (17°F) I was barehanded and still almost too warm.

Meeting Toni in Piikkiö 21:20.

The final section towards the lean-to was a snowmobile trail, too loose for Toni's ordninary mountain bike, but just firm enough for the Pugsley.

And finally some pushing of the bikes...

... until we arrive at the lean-to.

Time to eat.

Starting with some instant capuccino and a sandwich...

... before the main course: Pancakes, the noblest of outdoor food.

We went to sleep at 23:30.

Next morning. I woke at 7:30 and Toni half an hour later.

A familiar pattern: Eating porridge and drinking coffee...

... while the morning proceeds...

... and it gets lighter.

A nice winter morning.

Packing the bikes again.

A snow tire from a long time ago.

On the move again.

Some road riding...

... before the final singletrack section.

Home in time for lunch. This was a nice little overnighter, thanks Toni for the company. Check out Toni's write-up here.

A slideshow with more picture can be found here.

Here is a small video showing the benefit of fat tires.

The full video is here.


  1. Nice!!
    I really like the lean-to, looks cozy.
    Good way to start off the new year!!


  2. What a great wee story!
    and thats great you can take night pictures!

  3. Hienoa tarinointia minunkin mielestäni, nice blog and thanks a million of those many, great pictures. Great to see people going outdoor with mountain bikes like this!

  4. Joboo, those lean-tos are really nice. I have maybe 10-15 of them within a couple hours of riding distance from my home. Usually there is dry firewood for making a fire as well, though not this time.

  5. those overnighters seem like a great way to explore...I'll check if I can do something similar in the area...thanks for sharing!

  6. I like the dry firewood part. Who keeps the shelters supplied with wood?

  7. Those tires are awesome. Looks like a cold night. The trees look beautiful covered in snow.

  8. Most of the shelters are managed by the National Forest Management or the city in which they are. Dry firewood is a part of the service.

  9. Hi
    Excellent write up and pictures. I noticed that you were cooking on gas. Do you get no problems with it at those low temperatures?

  10. No problems at all, but it wasn't that cold, only -8C. The Primus four seasons mix seem to work quite well in the cold (I've used it at -18C without problems). A stove with a preheating tube probably helps a little and I also keep the gas canister close enough to the stove to warm it up slightly.

  11. Thanks for sharing these Yeti, nice stories and stunning photos.