Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New project

There has not been any biking in my life the last two weeks because of some work related traveling. Among other places, I was in the birth place of modern mountain biking in Marin County, California, without any opportunities to ride.

During my traveling, the first parts of my new bike project arrived. I will build the wheels myself, which is something I have never done before.

The frame also arrived and I went to get it from Foxcomp.


  1. fatbike progect?
    loving the Alfine on my pugsley -:)

  2. Yes, this will be fat. I also just got a message from my LBS that the Pugsley frame has arrived. My original plan was to have the bike ready in December, but I seem to be getting the parts well in advance.

  3. Saw the frame in the shop floor yesterday. The colour is very nice, I think it suits the Pug's tanklike being just spot on.

  4. Nice to finally have another fatbike to Turku.
    This one will be a huge moose.

    What is the color by the way, Gray or Curry?

  5. I just got the frame. The color is quite similar to that of my Fargo, i.e the Curry color.

  6. Can´t remember if it has been mentioned before, but was the frame size x-large?

  7. Yes, it is an XL. I'll take a picture of it tonight.

  8. Congrats on the Pugsley purchase!!!
    you are gonna love it!!!
    Peace, Joboo