Sunday, February 28, 2010

Above freezing

Yesterday the temperature rose to above freezing for the first time this year. I went out for a ride for just under two hours. It was quite nice. It was warm enough for my lungs to work at full capacity and a light snowfall mixed with rain was quite refreshing. In some places the the ground was already quite soft and the forest trails were off limits. A Pugsley would probably have worked in the forest.

Otherwise there has not any bike riding going on, except for the short commute to work. The weather has been much more suitable for XC skiing. Hopefully it becomes cold after this warmer weather. The trails should then firm up nicely for some winter riding.

A reading tip. For some more extreme bikepacking, see Mike Curiak's blog. He is currently doing a 24 days totally self supported bike packing trip on the trails of the Iditarod race in Alaska.

Finally, I widened the blog to allow pictures 800 pixels wide. The default blogspot template is made for 800x600 displays, which seems somewhat anachronistic. Also, Picasa Web Albums, where I store the pictures, did not do a very good job of scaling down the pictures to 400 pixels width. They appeared a lot softer than they actually were.

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