Sunday, November 15, 2009

Vajosuo beer ride

The first annual late fall beer ride took us to the Vajosuo lean-to for the night. The idea was to ride for a few hours in the darkness to the lean-to, drink beer and barbecue some sausage and then sleep for a few hours. The plan was then to get up early and ride for a few hours back to the cars, using another route.

Test packing

Matti H tests riding with the backpack

MTB 50+

It is dark on the bog


MTB 50+

Matti H

JJ, the fire master

Kukko, the most popular beverage of the night


Pave and Ulla came by foot for a surprise visit

Geeks in the woods


Good night!

The next morning

MTB 50+

Pack it in, pack it out

Vajosuo in November

Gear notes:
  • A winter sleeping bag does not fit into the backpack. However, putting it onto a rear rack would be a working solution. I used an ultra-light summer sleeping bag, the North Face Beeline 600 in a bivy bag (Alpkit Hunka XL) and a down jacket for extra warmth but this was too much. It was probably about 4°C in the lean-to, meaning that the summer bag, bivy bag and down jacket combination should be ok down to about -5°C on a good ground pad.

The full set of pictures are found here.

JJ also made a short video from this trip.

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