Friday, July 24, 2009

Kuhankuono - La grande finale Day 2

The second day I rode back to Turku, using a different route where possible. The distance of this day was 80 km.

Breakfast at 4:15

The Haukkavuori trail

Unrideable bog

Almost like Autobahn

Where is the trail?

Yumm. Pasta and fresh blueberries for dessert.

Horse trail

Kullaanvuori and just an hour of riding straight through the city left

Some random thoughts about the gear:
  • My backpack weighed just under 12 kg, of which 4 kg was water. This is not too much for someone my size, but I would not want much more on the technical trails I rode. The next time I will add another bottle holder to the bike to get 1 kg off my back and take less water with me. Another alternative would be to take a water filter and make more drinking water during the ride.
  • The Deuter Trans Alpine 30 is a good backpack for this kind of trips and is just about the correct size.
  • An ultra-light sleeping bag, ground pad and a mosquito head net is good enough for the summer. Add a bivy bag if there is a possibility for rain or alternatively spend the night at one of the lean-tos. A tent would probably be too big and heavy, unless it is one of the new ultra-light ones and it is shared with someone else.
  • For this kind of terrain an FS bike is almost a must, at least for long rides with a heavy backpack. The Hifi 29 is perfect for this use. Not too heavy and with an efficient suspension.

The entire set of pictures is found here.

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